Work Experience

Accenture Interactive

How long have you worked here? I started in March 2019 and I am still working here at Accenture Interactive.

Where were you based? I am based in Barcelona, (Spain). They have a really nice office in Avenida Tibidabo.

What is your role? The contract is more like CRO Specialist but the since I started I am doing more like a Digital Marketing Analyst.

Could you explain me more about your role? I am working for a different projects that means, different clients. I am not allow to tell you the name of them but the main project where I was working 5 months it is one of the top 3 banks in Spain. My main job was to implement a measure plan, analyse the data and build dashboards, create specific reports and run analysis, design real-time boards and implement in the monitors they have in the office for each team and debug if the tracking in the website and in the app are okay.

Could you tell me your main responsibilities?

  1. Make sure that the tracking in the website and mainly in the app are okay and align with the documentation I created. It is important to make sure that the app receive the right track view and track events because then I need that information to build dashboards and reports.
  2. Help the Product Managers to design dashboards where they can use it to get insights of their marketing efforts.